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Building Relationships

Connecting with others is foundational to school success. Whether it be with parents, community members, students or staff – building relationships matter. This issue explores all the ways to make this possible in your school or district.



Art Technique: Chalk Landforms

Strategies Art Technique: Chalk Landforms 1 Min Read  •  Visual Art Are you looking for a way to freshen up your landform lessons? Maybe you want to dip [...]

What’s New with #K12ArtChat?

Resources & Tools What's New with #K12ArtChat? 2 Min Read  •  Social Media It is hard to believe that #K12ArtChat is 3! We just recently celebrated our anniversary... [...]

Introducing Art Integration Kits

Approaches Introducing Art Integration Kits 2 Min Read  •  Arts Integration This is an exciting moment for us at EducationCloset.  For over 2 YEARS, my team and I [...]

5 Inexpensive Flexible Seating Ideas

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The Art of Creating Community

Advocacy The Art of Creating Community 3 Min Read  •  Community Connections As teaching-artists and artist-teachers, every September we have bestowed upon us a fresh group of learners, [...]

5 Ways to Empower Yourself

Advocacy 5 Ways to Empower Yourself 4 Min Read  •  Community Connections Are you a fan of SNL?  During my college years, I watched every weekend.  At that [...]

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