Greg Pilewski | February 2015

STEAM Leaders to Learn from at the 2015 STEAM Connectivity Conference

On Saturday February 7, 2015, join us for Education Closet’s fourth STEAM Leaders Connectivity Conference.  We are showcasing some of the most forward-thinking STEAM leaders across the country, as well as a variety of teacher-leader sessions. Listen to their stories and their experiences in implementing the STEAM/arts integration approach at the school, district, and state levels.  Click here to register for this 100% virtual event which is only days away and get access to all of the sessions and materials for an entire year.
Check out some of these STEAM Leaders or Leadership sessions and more!  Interact with each presenter in real-time during the conference, on any device, from any location of your choice.

Learning Centered Design with Lisa Katz-Digital Education Specialist 

User-centered design is a multi-stage problem solving process that requires designers to analyze and foresee how users are likely to use a product and test the validity of their assumptions in real world tests with actual users. The presenter in this session will provide an introduction to user-centered design methodologies and how it can be used to develop more effective interventions in education. Examples will be shared of how one district in Maryland is using design thinking to foster innovation and change in professional learning, space design and instructional practices. 

Developing STEAM Partnerships with Melissa Edwards-Instructional Technology Specialist 
When you think of partnerships, what comes to mind? Are partnerships formed to make one side stronger? Do partnerships benefit both sides? You might be wondering what partnerships have to do with STEAM …STEAM covers so many possibilities … and partnerships are almost a necessity to make STEAM a reality for our students.Come join Melissa Edwards as she shares a story about STEAM Leaders partnerships at both an elementary school and a middle school. Hear how the partnerships both inside the schools and outside the schools started, continued, and are cherished all along the way! And even though elementary schools and middle schools have different challenges, both of the programs learned from each other.  It is a story of challenges as well as celebrations with a focus on learning using the STEAM process!
Leadership and Learning through STEAM with Steven Anderson-ASCD Emerging Leader 
Leading a shift from STEM to STEAM provides it’s own unique challenges and opportunities. In this session from respected blogger and former digital instructional leader Steven Anderson, participants will discover how to identify and meet the demands of 21st century learners through STEAM.
STEAM Implementation Continuum with Scot Hockman-South Caroline State Department of Education 
Join Scot Hockman, Education Associate for the Visual and Performing Arts, as he shares the groundbreaking work for STEAM at the state level in South Carolina. Recognizing that STEAM education provides and opportunity for students to experience science, technology, engineering, the art and mathematics as they would in a career setting, Scot will discuss the process of providing statewide guidance and consistency for STEAM implementation through the creation of a STEAM Implementation Continuum.
STEAM Framework and Research with Maria Barbosa and John Ceschini
Join Global Arts Integration Network founder Maria Barbosa and Prince George’s County Public Schools’ Arts Integration Officer as they share their work emphasizing the arts integration component of STEAM in collaboration with a researcher from EDC ( in Boston.
Do you have a STEAM Leadership story that you would like to share?  Consider presenting at the Summer 2015 STEAM Connectivity Conference on July 23rd. Check the website regularly for more information as it is made available. 

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Greg is a former Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction and has nearly twenty years of classroom, school-based and district-level leadership experience in five different public school systems. He has a passion for teaching and learning and a commitment to supporting school-level and system-level leaders with integrated and innovative resources. Not only is Greg an accomplished leader and speaker, he’s also an avid tinkerer in his workshop where he enjoys making projects around his historic home for his lovely wife and two Labrador retrievers. You can catch Greg’s insights right here each and every Thursday and contact him directly at: